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Institutional Class Analytics


Advanced Financial Research


NGEN Markets

All your financial market analysis in one place

Hundreds of users across India use NGEN Markets for their market data, analysis and portfolio analytics needs.

NGEN Markets is your one stop shop for all research on the Indian Financial Markets. 

It has everything from mutual funds, stocks, major indices and news aggregators. You can conduct deep analysis on every security on the fly. You can also create and save your own multi asset portfolios and analyse these portfolios extensively. It also caters for custom securities - so if you have real estate, PMS or alternative investments in your client portfolios - these are fully supported.

All of this, on your browser and accessible anywhere, anytime.


Examine latest positions.

Conduct quantitative analysis.


Rolling and Scenario Analysis.

Drawdowns, Beta and correlations.


Build and maintain portfolios.

Examine return attributon and correlations.


Analyse fundamentals the right way.

Explore key indicators and statistics.


Stay up to date with world markets.

Understand global relationships.


Create and maintain your owns securities.

Include non-standard assets in portfolios.


NGEN Enterprise

Advanced Portfolio Analytics for Institutions

We currently service some of India's largest wealth managers, banks and IFAs. 

For our Enterprise clients, we develop and maintain a fully featured platform built exclusively for their organisation and tailored to meet their specific needs.  We enable their financial advisers to service their clients better by conducting deep financial analysis on potential investments and advanced analytics on existing portfolios. 

NGEN is run by a team that are industry experts in investment research and asset management with global top-tier banking experience. This ensures that we fully understand the challenges faced by our clients and are able to not only deliver technical solutions but also provide valuable business, financial and research advice. 


 If you would like us to build advanced analytics capabilities for your organisation, please contact us.

We have built enterprise analytics for several large institutions including:


NGEN Student

Learn to conduct proper financial research

We offer a heavily discounted version for students studying at school or university who have a keen interest in the financial markets and want to take the initiative and learn about research and analytics before they begin their journey towards a successful financial career. 


Watch and learn how the Indian and world markets move. See how markets react in real-time to world events.

Mutual Funds

Your future career will include heavy exposure to Mutual Funds. Analyse, screen and understand.


You are already learning about stocks, but how do they behave in the real world? Use NGEN to build on your knowledge.


After all your research, the end result is always a portfolio. Learn how to create and anlayse them like a professional.



We are constantly on the hunt for talent in technology and sales. 

Flexibility. Growth. Rewards. Partnership.

The work environment you can expect is nothing like a regular job - we work VERY hard - but we all enjoy total flexibility as long as we get our work done on time, and done well. And, your pay will directly reflect your output - we believe in paying well above market rates for those that show real results.

Also, we are happy for young applicants to join us as long they have the drive to learn new things. A few years with us and you'll be thinking in several programming languages with ease and talking freely around complex financial jargon.

For technologists, we want to hear from full stack developers who have been developing web applications in JavaScript/jQuery for at least a year and also understand how to talk to a SQL database. 

For our sales positions, we will consider applicants with unlimited drive and passion, a relentless sales mindset and a good understanding of finance and technology.

To send in a general application, please write to


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